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Sometimes I sit and wonder:
Why do you love one such as I?
I who have been so wicked,
I who have not obeyed;
I who, rather than walking close to You,
have so often and so far strayed.

When I'm faced with the choice
of obeying, or going my own way,
I too often follow after pleasure,
day after day after day.

How can I be so foolish
to forfeit such a prize,
and give up such a blessing
by listening to Satan's lies?

Instant gratification
is a worm on a sharp hook;
Immediate but short-lived pleasure
was all the bait it took--

To drag me to defeat
and destroy me with sin,
but, crying out in repentance,
I looked up, and there you were again;

Ready to forgive me,
stretching out nail-pierced hands,
across the chasm of my sin
Your perfect love spans.

Sometimes I sit and wonder:
Why, Lord?
Why do You love one such as I?
Why did you sacrifice Yourself
and for such a lowly sinner die?

"It's because I love you,"
would be His compassionate reply.
"For you I left Heaven;
For you I tasted death;
That's how much I love you
and that's why I did die."

Oh, Heavenly Father,
intimate lover of my soul,
You sacrificed Your own Son for me;
therefore You do I extol.

by Jeff Jenkins
created 9/14/99

Jeff Jenkins