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Full Name: Jeffrey John Jenkins

Nickname: Jeff

Birthplace: Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL

Height: 6'

Weight: varies between 240-250 lbs.

Eyes: hazel (brown indoors, green in sunlight)

Hair: brown

Religion: Born-again Christian

Status: Single

Children: None

High School: South Miami Sr. High

Family: Two younger brothers, one younger sister.

Factoid: My brothers and sister also have the initials J.J.J. Both my parents'
first names begin with J. Growing up, we had a sign over the front door
which said "The 6 J's." Most of our pets had names beginning with J.

20 years old
Believe it or not, when I first saw this photo right after it was
developed, I was actually irritated, because I could see
from the photo that I had lost so much muscle; I used to be even
bigger and more muscular, but it was only after I had stopped
working out for a while that I took the time to have any pictures

Who I've been told I look like (at different times in my past):
(Go ahead and laugh, but believe it or not, I really was told I look like these celebrities!)

-David Carradine (when I was a teenager, this girl who used to
watch me practice martial arts and work out, told me I look like
"Kung Fu" (the t.v. series; by which she meant David Carradine).

-Jan-Michael Vincent (from the old Airwolf series; a little boy once
told me I look like him, after I had gotten a short haircut.)

-Kevin Costner (this one girl said (about me) to another girl,
in my presence, "Doesn't he look like Kevin Costner?")

-Jeff Conine (who used to play with the Florida Marlins; I was
driving by this house, and these little boys playing in the front
yard yelled out, "Look! There's Jeff Conine! Hey, Jeff!" They
started asking me questions, and I just pretended I was him.
But they got suspicious when they saw the cheap car I was
driving. Then they started asking, "Are you really Jeff Conine?")

-Jeff Goldblum (on 05/06/2013)
A guy at work told me that I look like Jeff Goldblum, and he was
asking a couple other guys, "Look at him. Doesn't he look like
the guy who sat next to Will Smith (in the repaired "attacker"
ship) in Independence Day?" Both the other guys said "Yes."

Photo from my wrestling team days from my High School yearbook

Jeff Jenkins