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Website of the Month: One of my web pages was chosen as "Website of the Month" for Oct. 2003. The link is: I am listed under the title of my article: "CREATION VS. EVOLUTION: Wasp Nests."

Multimedia Presentation: Created and presented a multimedia PowerPoint presentation (including music, sound effects, photos, artwork I created in Photoshop, and animation) to over 200 people at the Hilton for an Awards Presentation Banquet.
(June 2003)

Internet Radio Broadcasting: Hosted a daily Internet Radio Broadcast, plus did one of the voices for a weekly Creative Group Internet Radio Broadcast for PowerSide Broadcast Network.
(Jan. 2003)

Creative Writing/Script Writing/Ad Specialist: Wrote the scripts for my daily Internet Radio Broadcast, as well as for the weekly Creative Group Internet Radio Broadcast; created ad lines and ad titles for customers for web production; wrote and created newsletters for customers.
(Dec. 2002)

Fast-food restaurant illustration: Illustrated instructional sheet for Arby’s restaurant.
(May 1995)

Illustration: Cover for Directory for American Subacute Care Association.
(Jan. 1995)

T-Shirt Design/Brochure: Brochure and T-shirt design for Texaco.
(Aug. 1994)

Cartoons published in international magazine: 2 years for “Flexlines”, worldwide computer trade magazine.

Cartoon published in Australian magazine: “DataFlex DownUnder”, computer magazine in Australia.
(April 1991)

Newsletter Cartoon: Community newsletter.
(Dec. 1993)

Sign Painting: Window sign for New Wave Computing.
(Aug. 1989)

Cartoon for Price Waterhouse.
(Aug. 1990)

Cartoons: In-house newsletters, Data Access Corp.

Cartoon: Flyer for Career Temps Inc.

Presentation artwork: for Vice Pres. of Data Access Corp; another one for a manager there.

Jeff Jenkins