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God is so awesome, powerful and great;
He is holy, for sin He does hate.
His love pours down, available to all;
No matter how poor, fat, short or tall.

No other god exists; He alone is True;
Offering His forgiveness to both Gentile and Jew.
The world took that Love, and nailed it to wood;
God took that act of hatred, and worked it to good.

What other truth is worthy of our all?
God Himself paid the price for man's Fall.
How much love did it take, for God to die for man?
How much love indeed, to work such a plan?

Think about His love, and what He's done for you;
Think about this intimate God, for He thinks about you.
He has you on His mind, and He longs for your time;
To describe such a love, is beyond any rhyme.

by Jeff Jenkins
(created 10/8/01)

Jeff Jenkins