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Poetic Spirit
Monday, 3 September 2012







The elusive hope of tomorrow,

That day that never comes;

When finally arriving,

Anticipated, but then,

Tomorrow, today becomes.


(written/created by Jeff)

Posted by Jeff at 12:45 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 3 September 2012 12:48 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Sin Prose

Brief dreams of grandeur and importance,

Fade with reality's slightest wind;

Indecision and laziness bind my will,

While voices of failure and wrong haunt every decision.


Doubt, fear, ineptness, inferiority, set upon me like a plague;

Imaginary scenarios play out in my mind, producing anger;

Fear of what men can do and have done, I struggle against;

Revenge and hatred knock often on my door.


Then I notice the crimson blood forming a puddle at my feet;

I look up to see a grisly scene---an execution;

Primitive and gory, a slow painful death;

I was one of those chosen; the fine for my crime has been paid in full.


Bought off the slave block, released from death row;

A murderer and criminal set free---a just Man killed in my place;

Yet a second look recognizes not a man, but God Himself;

It's not fair; I deserve to die, not Him.


(written/created by Jeff)

Powered by Qumana

Posted by Jeff at 3:35 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 7:01 AM EDT
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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Exodus 33 and 34

Now, this poem is about Exodus 33 and 34;

About God and Moses, and maybe a little more.

In Exodus, we see Moses go into a tent,

While the people rose and worshipped, and would even lament.


The Lord spoke to Moses face-to-face, as a friend;

Now, you know such a relationship could never, ever end.

Moses talked with God; the two were really 'tight.'

He said, "Show me Your glory; I wanna know You by sight."


"You cannot see My face," God said to little 'Mo.'

"My holiness would kill you; something else I will show."

"You can only see My back, as I pass in front of you."

"I will put you in a cleft, to give you a safer view."


Moses' prayer was answered, while God proclaimed His Name.

Moses bowed and worshipped, and was never the same.

Now, God reviewed their Covenant; new tablets were carved out.

Moses' face was radiant, and the people just freaked out.


So, obedience to God is a very important thing;

And, if you want a radiant face, then spend time with the King!


(written/created by Jeff)

Powered by Qumana

Posted by Jeff at 4:38 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 5:02 AM EDT
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Saturday, 4 August 2007



All my own efforts

Even on my very best day,

Could not wipe

Any of my sins away.


My Creator looked on with compassion;

Stepped down into time and space;

Putting off that heavenly crown of glory;

Exchanging it for a creature's rags of disgrace.


Choosing that Calvary death route,

Using His own blood as ink, written on wood;

With a nail for a pen, He CROSSed my sins out,

Because I, even if I paid eternally, never could.


(written/created by Jeff)

Powered by Qumana

Posted by Jeff at 4:28 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 7:18 AM EDT
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Friday, 3 August 2007

The All-Expensive Gift

Oh, that we, as chosen few,

Might see that blood-stained cross anew;

That crown so sharp, cutting in;

All for me, to erase my sin.


His love for the Chosen, an awesome thing,

Compelling such action from the Creator-King;

A princess for a dung beetle would never die;

Yet, far greater the gap between He and I.


Comparing himself to criminals, man says, "I do what's right,"

Like dirt looking at tar and calling itself bright.

But God says, "Compare yourself to Me,"

"You must be holy, as I am; only then Heaven you will see."


A man with intelligence

Should answer back and say,

"No one is perfect!"

"I can't compare to God!  No way!"


But that's why He died

For you and for me;

We can never be good enough;

Therefore, it's free!


Not a casual grant;

It was bought with His blood.

A ransom buying back slaves;

Freeing pigs from their lust for mud.


A universal grant?  No.

This gift must be accepted, to own;

More than just Religion;

Christ must personally be known.


Repentance, commitment,

That's what it's all about;

But even more than that,

More than being devout...


When Christ is accepted as Lord,

Regeneration takes place;

The Holy Spirit comes to live inside;

All sins He does erase.

The person is made holy;

A living temple and saint, now is he;

A new creation, sinless in God's eyes,

Credited with Christ's righteousness, the Father does see.


Jesus trades His holiness

For that person's sin;

On that pre-ordained cross

This privilege He did win.


Now that person stands

On the holiness of Christ;

Who suffered in our place,

So the Father's wrath was sufficed.


This gift is yours only when you accept it;

You must surrender to His control;

Refusing means paying for sin yourself,

Which takes forever for a sinful soul.


This matchless gift is free,

But foolishly often rejected;

The most valuable prize of all is offered,

Yet most choose to be unaffected.


One day you'll stand before God,

All your lies, theft, cursing and lusts will be made known;

Either Christ can be your Advocate,

Or else you will stand in your sins before God the Father's throne.


(written/created by Jeff)


Powered by Qumana

Posted by Jeff at 2:56 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 4:56 AM EDT
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Thursday, 2 August 2007


God Of The Sea


The Master Creator

Manipulated the sea

So His chosen people

Could from Pharaoh's army flee;


Once Israel had crossed,

God let gravity work again;

Pharaoh's army was drowned

As if they'd never been.


Egyptians washed up on the shore;

Now the LORD did Israel adore;

This Creator and Master of the sea,

How awesome that He loves you and me.


(written/created by Jeff)

Powered by Qumana

Posted by Jeff at 6:49 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 7:14 PM EDT
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Monday, 30 July 2007
My Worst Nightmare


I dreamed I was in Heaven;

Such eternal bliss;

But one thing was not perfect,

And that thing was this:


I looked across the chasm

At that terrible Lake of Fire;

And suddenly my heart sank

With agonizing desire.


For there I did see

Among the tortured souls in flames,

Friends I'd known on Earth;

And in shock cried out their names.


Why did I not warn them?

Was that truly being a friend?

Afraid they wouldn't like me;

Afraid I would offend.


Not wishing to hurt their feelings;

In fear of friends deserting;

Now in torture they were writhing;

With more than just feelings hurting.


What could I do now?

Now it was too late;

Their eternity was sealed;

A nightmarish fate.


Then suddenly I awoke,

Completely drenched in sweat;

I still had time to tell them;

Their lives were not finished yet.


So if you, like me,

Have unbelieving friends,

Then tell them now and pray for them

Before your friend's life ends.


(written/created by Jeff)



Powered by Qumana

Posted by Jeff at 3:11 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 5:18 AM EDT
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Sunday, 29 July 2007

The Dreary Foe

 (II Corinthians 10:4-5, Ephesians 6:12)


They march into the window of thought,

Those dreary, dark-clad knights of shadow;

Somber, sullen and grey,

They make their way easily, skillfully,

Into the fortress whereby you interpret reality. 


Like aliens, they march and invade,

Yet are welcomed so easily

And, being strangers, are treated as friends;

They bring destruction, weakness and defeat;

Yet many entertain them regularly. 


They spread gloom and tears,

Black clouds wherein they hide;

They are enemies of your thought-life,

Yet they enter as with a key;

Thieves of the mind, sappers of your strength,

They prey on old and young alike. 


Confusion reigns where these demons dwell;

Like a mosquito seeks for pores,

These seek unhappy circumstances.

Strong to resist, they hold many  captive,

Yet they fall at a single thought.

They flee from joy and happiness,

For these they cannot tolerate. 


Enemies of the soul, they grow in number and strength when fed.

Their generals are famous: 

Depression, despair, doubt, name a few.

They are old as time itself, yet they still plague humanity,

And with ever-increasing popularity,

They are strengthened by our society.


Petty little thieves, whispering in your ear,

They are gladdened by the slumped shoulders,

The hanging head; they rejoice loudly at suicide.

They are our enemies, we must fight them at every turn;

When they sneak in the back door,

We must throw them out the front...

Else happiness evades us. 


(written/created by Jeff) 

Posted by Jeff at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 5:29 AM EDT
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Saturday, 28 July 2007
The Lake

The bells of Hell

Are no melodic sound;

Here the tortured cries

Of screaming souls abound.


Horrid shrieks, pleads for mercy,

Begging for an end;

But no end comes, and not even a single drop of water

Will anyone ever send. 


No, no end comes,

Not now, not ever; but souls burn on;

Death seems to come a second time;

All friends and family are gone. 


Sulphur and Brimstone is your environment;

Gnashing and grinding teeth from excrutiating pain;

Here, reality is terror and terror, reality;

You scream; your thoughts become insane. 


No God listens;

Only loneliness hears;

But flames, a constant companion are;

Never consuming, yet continuously sears. 


No earthly flames are these;

No oxygen do they need,

Nothing will extinguish them;

Any earthly terror, this pain and horror does exceed.


Sin paying for sin,

Never complete will its payment be;

Never more true was it, that all hope is surely lost;

And your family, you will never again see.


(written/created by Jeff)

Posted by Jeff at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 6:30 AM EDT
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Friday, 27 July 2007
To Be A Missionary


Oh, to be a missionary in a foreign land;

To see souls saved;

Or be a martyr for the Faith

And gain a martyr's crown.


To be on the forefront of the battle

In enemy territory;

This is adventue; this is challenge;

This is living life to its fullest. 


To preach the gospel

Where it has never been preached before;

This is excitement.


To work for God;

To depend upon Him for your resources and necessities;

To know that you are a tool that God is using.


To have the pure joy of seeing someone

Snatched from the flames of Hell---

This is that which makes your own faith

So much more real; so much more alive. 


To live above mere day-by-day existence; 

To go beyond the average;

To step out in faith;

To be more than run-of-the-mill. 


While others are content to sit in their lounge chairs 

And on their sofas watching TV,

You seek high adventure

As only the God of the universe can show you.


While others worry about petty trivialities, you seek souls for eternity;

You have a higher purpose, a higher calling, 

To which watching TV, going to movies, going to parties,

Cannot hold a candle to.

You are part of God's rescue mission team. 


(written/created by Jeff)



Posted by Jeff at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 5:45 AM EDT
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