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It's cool how God has created different animals and fish and birds with
different laws. Some fly, some swim, some crawl, some run, etc. Each
defends itself by different means. Each survives by different means.

Evolution tries to explain this away, but I believe that God was showing that
He is not limited to only one way of creating things. He even has some
creatures that exist as one cell, and others that have billions of cells.

If God is capable of bending and stretching His own laws of Creation (known to
many as "The Law of Nature"), then how can we limit God with these laws that
have been imposed on human beings or on the Earth?...imposed by God Himself?

God is far, far above those created laws; after all, HE is the one that created
those laws and limits in the first place!

For example, man is one "person," but God is three "Persons." Just because each
man or woman is a single body and a single person, does that mean that God has to
exist like that? Again, though we think of ourselves as a single body, we are
composed of billions of cells, each working independently yet in union with each
other; but does that make me or you billions of people? No, we are still one person.
I have a heart, lungs, and a liver, so am I three people? No!
I have a body, a mind, and a spirit (and soul), yet I am one human being.
God is Father, Son, Holy Spirit---all one God.
Jesus was never created; the Holy Spirit was never created. All are God, and all
have existed throughout eternity. God is not three gods; He is one God, yet
three Persons.

He has created fish to breathe through gills, and man to breathe through lungs.
Not all creatures breathe through lungs. So how can we expect God to exist by the
same limited laws that we do? Not even the creatures of this earth all exist by
the same laws we do!!!

We occupy a particular space at a particular time; God does not; He is above space
and time. He is infinite, not bound by time; He is outside of time.
What does that mean? I don't really know, because all I know is time. But I know
that time itself is a created thing, and one day time will cease to exist, and God
is infinite, and will never cease to exist, and He has always existed.

God is omnipresent and does not occupy space. Mass occupies space, and mass is made
up of atoms, which make up the physical. Yet God is not physical; He is spirit.
Spirit is not mass; of course, the angels are spirit, and they are not omnipresent,
so they can only be in one place at a time, unlike God.
God is not limited to being in one place at a time.

Jeff Jenkins