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The Second Death

by Jeff Jenkins

The Second Death, Hell, is eternal, because the ONLY TRUE way
for our sin to be paid for, is if someone Who is totally SINLESS
takes our place. For sin cannot die for sin, because its ALREADY
corrupted. Likewise, the sinner cannot die for someone ELSE, because
someone has to die for THEM--they already have their OWN sin to pay
for, so how can they pay for someone ELSE'S sin, when they're ALREADY
in debt?

So when the sinner is cast into Hell, his sin is NEVER COMPLETELY paid
for, because only the SINLESS can truly pay for a sinner; a sinner cannot
pay for himself. (Someone who is broke and without work can't pay his way
out of debt if he has no means of income; only someone with MONEY can pay
FOR him.) So, since the sinner, no matter HOW much he suffers, can NEVER
FULLY pay for his own sin--for sin cannot pay for sin--only Jesus' death
and suffering can (because He's the ONLY sinless One); in other words, the
sacrificial death of the holy, perfect, sinless Jesus is the ONLY sacrifice
that will APPEASE the wrath of God against sin--since the sinner can NEVER
FINISH paying for his sin, the payment is NEVER COMPLETED. Therefore, the
suffering is eternal.

Jeff Jenkins